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Featured Author: Renea Porter

Welcome Today's Featured Author

Renea Porter!!!



Driving Layne
*New Adult College Romance*

Driving Layne
Book One
Unspoken Truth Series

"They say, the truth will set you free. My truth is killing me."

Amber is starting over in a new state where no one knows her. New roommate, new college and most importantly new freedoms.

Away from home for the first time, Amber isn’t above using a guy for one night and leaving it at that. She doesn't want to get tied down with one person. She just wants to experience the college life and take advantage of being on her own. So, when Amber’s new BFF Renee invites her to an underground drag racing competition, Amber sets her sights on driver/playboy Layne… and their attraction is mutual.

With his good looks and boyish charm, Layne is popular with the ladies on campus, but Amber thinks one night with him is all she needs to get him out of her system. Little does Amber know that Layne sees things differently, and after their hookup he wants something more. Will Amber open up and let Layne in, or will she run away?

Will the unspoken truth be too much for either of them to handle?


Switching Lanes (Unspoken Truth, #2)

Switching Lanes (Unspoken Truth #2)
"They say time heals all wounds, I have nothing but time"

Renee is back at college after taking the first semester off. Starting her second year of year college isnt going to be easy, especially after suffering a loss that is very recent and she continues to struggle with her own demons. Lucky for her, she has a boyfriend that she can lean on during her dark days. But will he be enough?

Layne suffers from the same loss, and she took his heart with her when she went. Back to his playboy ways he will do anything to numb the pain. Drag racing his race car is the only thing keeping him sane.

How will the two cope with their loss? Does time really heal all wounds or will the unspoken truth consume them for good?
Switching Lanes
also avail on Kobo and iBooks.
Coming Soon:
Outbound Lane An Unspoken Truth Novella:
"They say if you keep living in the past, you'll never move forward."

Moving forward is what Alexis has been doing for the past two years. She has kept her head down and her heart guarded. That is until Cole Vega walks into her life, with his wicked smile making her heart skip a beat.

But Alexis has her own demons to face, and with her BFF gone for the summer. Cole is the only person she can rely on.

When something traumatic happens, Cole is there to help her through it. And it kills him that not only is Alexis a recovering bulimic, she can’t stand to be touched. Cole is patient and willing to wait for Alexis to work out her issues. But when Cole’s past comes back to haunt him, it threatens everything he and Alexis have worked so hard to build.

As they get to know each other, Alexis starts to trust Cole, and her feelings start to grow. But one thing Alexis refuses to do is return to her childhood home. In order to move forward in her final stages of recovery, she must face the one thing that could cause everything to come crashing back down.

One summer will change everything. It will be a summer of first dates, first loves, first kisses and many more firsts. Will Cole break down the walls Alexis has kept up or will the unspoken truth keep her heart intact?
Bio:I've always had my nose inside of a book ever since I can remember. And I thought Id try my hand at writing, and Ive wrote ever since I was young, never showing anyone what I was writing. Initially I started writing Coming Back to You without intending to publish, but my hubby of 15 years encouraged me to publish it. And I did. I cant imagine never writing. Its in my blood.

My mind is always wondering, plotting and full of ideas. I think my hubs questions my sanity sometimes, because I say my characters are real. They feel real to me.



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